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We are trial lawyers who handle most disputes in civil court. We also provide litigation consulting services to other law firms. While the area of civil litigation encompasses a wide variety of cases, we handle cases involving:

  • Lemon law

  • Contract Disputes

  • Declaratory Actions

  • Small Claims Disputes (Justice Court)

  • Injunction Against Harassment Defense

  • Settlement Negotiation

  • Advising on Dispute Resolution

The practice of law has changed greatly in the last decade. Although most civil cases rarely proceed to trial, when they do, our attorneys at Honor Law Group, are experienced oral advocates that have received numerous awards for their advocacy skills and bring these skills to court. On those cases that do not reach trial, civil litigation requires skilled writing and sharp negotiation skills before reaching a favorable settlement. Contact us to set-up an appointment with one of our attorneys and determine how strong your case is.


Sometimes the outcome you seek is not achieved at trial and requires an appeal. Our attorneys have experience with appellate work including:

  • Civil Direct Appeals

  • Special Actions

  • Criminal Rule 32 Petitions

  • Administrative Decision Appeals

  • Ninth Circuit Appeals


Contact us to set-up an appointment and discuss how we can assist you.